Latex Couture e-Magazine by Susan Wayland

‘Finest-Addiction’ has a simple target, namely, to artistically embrace the elegance, aesthetics, eroticism and fascination of latex and femininity.

Latex, the wondersome fabric that intrigues with the endless facets of possibilities, which inspire and fascinate us every day anew; the hypnotic shine is perfection and glamour in purest form imaginable. If you combine it with the flair of an interesting feminine person, there are possibilities there, some really enticing aesthetics are possible, the eroticism, sensuality, grace and fragility of the woman, as captured by the focus of a camera.

Behind Finest-Addiction is the model Susan Wayland. For a decade already she has been active in the area of latex photography and latex fashion. “Latex is for me a wonderful medium, which combines eroticism, sensuality and femininity in a stylish fashion and allows me to express myself artistically and emotionally – it is my “Finest-Addiction”.

In all her works as a model she always made a statement out of her objective to “display erotically charged material on a high artistic level”, pushing the creativity to extremes. “The borderline between erotic art and obscenity is very thin. I try with my own brand of aesthetic sense to present the world with the unique world of Latex, how endlessly inspired and sensuous it can be and at the same time, bursting with erotic energy.”